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If you are a fan of baseball then you might know that the Baseball Field of Champions is one of the several promotions offered by Full Tilt Poker. Baseball Field of Champions is a tournament offered to both cash game and tournament players at large buy-in levels. Thousands of poker players will benefit from the Field of Champions every season and the promotions are growing with new players getting in to the fold on a daily basis.

Instead of the standard rules, some of the Field of Champions promotions allow you to choose your own unique conditions. This means that you can dominate the competition or you can play under certain circumstances to know what it is that you are practicing. The Field of Champions is very similar to the “QQdewa” used in golf. You cannot control precisely how hard it is to hit certain parts on the golf course and so taking a certain amount of Leaf flour developers can have a lot of affect on the outcome.

Field of Champions is more of a profession in poker than an individual sport as you cannot take a single tournament unless it is a satellite and you pay money to participate. Because of the costs involved “to move up a level” you will find that only a select few can make it to the final so it is important to practice in the free tiers to increase your odds of finally making it to the money.

The Field of Champions is tipped heavily by Full Tilt Poker as they are the only poker site that is offering this type of promotion so far. It is an Early Stage Poker Championship so the fields are very small and you can find yourself in a very competitive field, very shortly, unless you start to win.

John Juanda has been winning the Stratosphere Invitational Tournament for years and at long last he finally got his first World Series of Poker prize. It took place as part of the launch of the Full Tilt Poker site and the winner took home a massive $1.1 million. It took place in the wake of the announce of the UIGEA bill and the legality of online gambling, a law that had been passed and went into effect in most of the USA. Poker was a particularly popular game and the Top 3 prizes hovered around the $200,000 to $300,000 mark. You can watch the full video of this event below.

Juanda is a Lite player and while he has won more than his fair share of tournaments, he lacks the experience to be a long term winning player. It is hard to win without knowledge of the game and Juanda knows this. Last year he won a World Poker Tour title in the year 2011. When this happened his whole life was turned upside down and he was made a household by the TV show Celebrity Poker Showdown. While he appeared on the show he learned the game of poker, among other things, and began his quest for his first World Series of Poker victory.

Like most of you, I was first introduced to Juanda through the World Poker Tour. While I didn’t end up actually playing against him in person, the fond memory of his play on the show stuck with me. It was a simple hand, the kind of hand that could only happen in Las Vegas with a $1.7 million dollar prize up for grabs. That hand changed my life and I’ve never looked back since. I’d say poker and life are a match made in heaven.

He has been refining his game since he got his big winnings and he seems to be very content with his game and with his life. It seems he knows he will continue to be a good player and it’s a nice feeling to know that you can depend on him when you need a little pick handed skills. Don’t be surprised when you see him cheering from the bleachers the next time you’re on television playing live poker.

If you need some advice on good poker hands, don’t bother looking any further. Just load your favorite online poker card room and chances are you will find a stack of his eights sitting comfortably in front of you.