How to Play Lead Bets in Draw Poker

Lead is the new king of draw poker hands. Although lead is a powerful hand if you hit the board in the early stages of a game it is a fairly weak hand if you miss the flop. Many players will play eliminated the hand on the flop or the turn without a flop watch this video to learn how to play lead.

In this video I’m going to teach you some tips on how to play lead poker and win the majority of pots you are involved in. If you want to learn how to play lead I suggest you keep watching this video as I go through each step of the way.

How to Play Lead Poker – Start by Putting Your Comfort Level On It

The first thing you need to consider when starting to play lead is how comfortable you are with your hand. Are you comfortable drawing a ten and eight suited? If you aren’t comfortable playing these hands I would recommend you don’t chase the draw. It is fine to call a raise with these hands if you are in early position, but in later position you should have a better hand.

What this means is you are going to play your hand differently from the way you would play a hand like ace high.idences might suggest you should chase the ace high hand but in reality you should fold most of the time against most opponents.

ued up your pre-flop raise with premium hands, like a good sized raise. If you are at a loose table, a tighter table will result in you having to be choosy about your hand and potentially slow playing.

Once you are involved in a hand, if you hit the board, you need to be aggressive. Whether you hit the flop or not will then be dependent on your opponent. If your opponent hits the flop it is unlikely they will fold the hand, so you should keep betting.

Keep in mind, betting is the hardest playing a single hand because your opponent is not going to know how you are playing your hand. In many cases if your opponent raises preflop you can assume they have a very strong hand. If your opponent simply calls, they might have a weak hand or nothing and will need to see the flop to determine if they have a strong hand.

Finding the right time to play aggressive is the hardest thing to master. When you are in early position you should usually keep a tighter hand and be more selective about the hands you play. When you are in late position holding the low blind, you can be a little bit more loose with your hands.

If you do happen to hit the flop and catch top pair, the rest of the hands are really not that important. You are probably hoping for a set here, but you have to be prepared to float, so to speak. To get your opponent to call you with a hand like bottom pair, when there are cards on the board that should render your hand useless, is a good strategy. This allows you to be in control of the betting action.

The contrast between playing tight and playing loose, is that tight players will call you with hands like Ace King, pocket Queen, King Queen, Queen Jack, and pocket Ten. Loose players will call you with any combination of Ace Queen, King Queen, Queen Jack, King Jack, and pocket.

The choice of starting hands is crucial to playing Texas Holdem Egp88. When playing loose you want to be more selective, whilst playing tight you want to be a little loose at times. The goal of playing super-tight and playing loose throughout the entire tournament is the best way to make it to the money online.