How to Make Money at Roulette With the Labouchere System

This is a betting system that has been around for many years and used by many gamblers around the world. The term Labouchere means inflection point and AK means breakout. This system was devised by a French mathematician of the 1800s.

The theory behind this system is quite simple. To start with, you initially decide which number you want to bet on, for example you can decide red or black. You then do something very interesting. After you have decided your number, you decide whether you should bet high or low. If you think the red could get a little more of a payout, you then bet low. If you think the odds of black coming up are good, you then bet high. You continue this process until you have either won or lost the game.

The name of this system has been translated into English as “little wheel; small wheel; crow”

Although you have to be careful with betting, but this system works quite well. There are many online Roulette strategies that use this system and you can find them quite easily. Although not the only system out there, it is one of the simpler and if you win some money you can get a nice profit.

You may ask “what does the Labouchere system offer me”. Well, despite how the system works, it will offer you an advantage when you use it. This is because as you bet, the chances of the next number to be dealt goes down. This means that you are allowed to bet a certain amount of money before you take this into consideration and put it on the next game.

For example, the probability of the next number to be dealt is as follows:


The first four numbers are red if you bet the number 5. This means that if the ball landing on any of the numbers mentioned will land on a number within the series of five, you will win.

As you can see, the red can go down at anytime during any series. This alone can make the system very profitable because you do not need to hit all the numbers in the sequence to win. Once the red goes down, the odds go down to evens and your chances of winning the next spin are good.

The Labouchere system is very exciting and offers some of the best chances for a gambler to come out ahead every time. Using this system can be intimidating at first, but once you understand what you are doing, you have a good chance of winning big.

Although this system is French, the strategy itself came from a English guy who developed it in France in the 1700s. He called it the “Remipoker Strategy”. Using this system gave him massive wins. Unfortunately, the people examining his system made the same mistakes that the casinos do. Sadly, people today still use this strategy (minus the psychology part).

That is what this system is all about. This system is so simple to learn and you can get the hang of it in literally minutes. Add to that the fact that this strategy has shown to be very profitable for many people over the years, casino owners worldwide have licensed this system to them. Meaning while you play, this system allows you to be a winner.