If You Don’t Know All These Simple Texas Holdem Rules Then You Are A Terrible Poker Player

Do you like playing Holdem but you just don’t know how? Don’t miss out on these Texas Holdem rules then as I go through them slowly.

Holdem is such a fun game to play. But if you are just starting out, or if you haven’t playing for a while, I know that you, like me, will love this article. That’s because it will teach you how to play.

The thing is, these Texas Holdem rules are so simple yet they are so powerful. You just have to follow them correctly and win will be the deed.

Texas Holdem Rules – A Recipe For Success

Here they are, a few basic, easy to follow rules that will help you be successful.

  1. Play limit Holdem.

This is probably the number one rule that you have to remember. Do not play wild if you know the table isn’t going to be big. If you are on a good run and then you lose a three of a kind with pocket kings, godsentually you will lose a lot of money. Its crucial the table size is limited so that the bigger the stacks, the more people will want to play.

  1. Be Aggressive.

Being aggressive is thewarestoker. Yes, I know its devilish but its what you need to do to win. If you sit on your poker chips, wait for a great hand, bet the flop, check a turn, and then you have a monster. When you make those moves, you are displaying strength. Always be aggressive.

  1. Bet for a reason.

If you have a good hand, always bet. Don’t check, don’t call. Always bet three to four times the blind. Always bet a amount you feel comfortable with.

  1. Know when to fold

Not that you should always fold, but sometime its better to just hoof it off. If you lose a pot, you want to win as much as possible. It doesn’t make it weak to throw a dart at the dart board.

  1. Learn from others.

Watch other players. They all know the signs. If you can spot a players shaking hands, you can see if it means they have a good hand or not. Watch the way players bid, you can spot these little tells as well.

  1. System gaming.

There are a lot of ways to win at online poker. You can bet, you can play Quads, you can play credits, you can bet loyalty. But if you want to win, system is the way to do it. You have to use a system to win at online poker, or you will never win at online Vegas88.

  1. Don’t bluff.

This is actually a very important poker rule. Because if you bluff, you might scare everyone off. And the more people you scare off, the more you will win. Instead of going all in with the worst hand, go all in with the best hand.

  1. Don’t fall behind.

Remember blackjack, the guy has cards as bad as anybody. When he had those cards though, he was only a little bit ahead. He lost because he didn’t stay ahead. You need to stay ahead. Your goal should be to win two to three hands. If you don’t have that result by then, you may need to find a table a little earlier than usual or a table that is paying a lot of rake.

  1. Don’t get trapped.

There are a lot of rules of engagement in poker. If you see a situation that it’s too easy to tell what the other player has and what you should do. Don’t be trapped!